Skogensande, Mokuva and Natimicia

She's fearless, an outcast, and the protector of her forest.
   Skogensande was named in the ancient way to reflect the personality in the name. She isn't an earth dragon, yet she's green, and attached to the forests and nature itself. When she was born she was given the gift to see the spirits of dead dragons whom had failed in battle or died by other reasons in the nearby forest. However, that's the only place where she can see, hear and talk with them; it's in the forest her own spirit belongs.
   To face some spirits she had to let go of the fear she had from her childhood - when she was young she was scared of the spirits even though she doesn't want to admit that now when she's grown. She tends to stay alone in the forest days and nights, she feels more comfortable with being alone.
   Skogensande watches over for the spirits in their forests, it's her duty to the ancestors.

Mokuva is fearless, calm and controller of the weather.
   He was the first dragon in their family who ever mastered the ability to control the weather. He had no teacher to show him how to control his power in the best way, so all he came to learn is what he learned on his own. He is the one in the family with the most skills and knowledge when it comes to controlling the weather. Some have tried to surpass him, but none has succeeded.
   He's a dragon that doesn't like to have all too many others close to him. One of the few that he holds closest is his firstborn daughter, Artea. Unlike others she knows him as the very calm and caring father that he is to her, and not only as the fearless controller of the weather who takes on thunder storms head on.
   Mokuva has become the calm and fearless weather controller that the ancestors decided that he was destined to be.

Natimicia has always her senses on full alert and is always withdrawn from others.
   She doesn't like to have others around her, probably because it's in her nature to be violent towards everything. However, she doesn't mind to have others of her own kind around. Due to that she was the first one of her kind in the family, she has seen much and knows a lot about the world they're living in. Because of that many see her as wise and reliably, not to mention that many of her own kind sees her as a very caring dragon.
   There's only one dragon that's not of her own kind that she has come to trust more than anyone else. She sees him as her mate and loves him dearly. Though, sometimes she thinks that the only reason as to why she loves him so much is because he's a lot like her.
   Natimicia is the dragon whose trust one has to win, before her true personality is revealed.

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